Originating from Hudson, Wisconsin I spent the majority of my post college twenties as a nomad splitting time between Colorado winters and Oregon summers until I finally came to settle in the Gorge.

My roots in the snowboard industry began with an internship at Windells Camp. I managed their video program and graphic identity for 6 years, and during that time co-founded Workhorse Collective which specializes in video production and graphic design. Recently, Workhorse has taken a hiatus (though it may be back someday) and I have taken a position working for ‘the man’.
These day’s you’ll find me working at Dakine wearing many hats. Senior Graphic Designer & Photo Editor to name a few, where I specialize brand work. I am taking on freelance work, so if you want to work together, please reach out. 

I live with my partner in crime, Tyler Malay and our 2 cattle dogs in Underwood, WA. If I’m not behind the computer, you can find me mountain biking, snowboarding or enjoying the outdoors.
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